I am Byron’s Colon/ I get infected, Byron gets medicated.

Decided no pictures for this post, because it’s just  a level post of neither ups and downs… Excuse me, I’m fairly mellow-headed right now, hopped up on low grade pain meds for an infected colon.

And in this state of mellowness I’ve decided -which is a big deal in my current state- that I hate this feeling. I want to growl and cry, laugh and shout, but all my body seems to want to do is fart mildly and lay down waiting for it’s stomach to get scratched, like a placid pooch, obediently waiting it’s time in life. I guess that comes across as a bit strong, but waiting to get better always feels stagnant to me. An out of control waiting period of what is going to make me less bored when I’m doing something.

It doesn’t help that my body feels restless and tired at the same time. A kind of shallow middle line of:

What the fuck is going on here anyone have any suggestions?…

Still this medium level of placative-abyss is somewhat clear. You know why you are the way you are, meds… You also know that it’s that, or a colonoscopy, which quite frankly is really not all that high on my to do list, or even hey I’m curious let’s see what happens.

So here I am thinking about things in a half-coma induced state, pretending I’m Jack’s colon from Fight Club, because it’s romantic and passes the time. I’m hoping these antibiotics work, so I can stop having the inability to digest food, which is essentially what is the problem, I may add, and no longer having to look forward to a colonoscopy, can you see how much I want that colonoscopy… I can, none at all… seriously… none…

I guess this post is very meh in it’s execution, but I did have a great conversation about how my colon and spleen who had this poker game and the bladder was involved somewhere to… Well… I thought it was a great story, regardless here’s to this very meh post. Hope you enjoyed wasting a good minute of your life to read about my colon, I certainly enjoyed writing about it… Can you tell?

Until next time then,


Byron’s Colon.

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