Keeping to the brief

‘Do. Or do not. There is no try.’ -Yoda

Back again, estranged internet acquaintances. You really must miss reading about my life, at least that is what I can gather from the abundant ratings I’m receiving! Just kidding I’m pretty sure half are me and a friend of mine who I’m pretty sure is trying to teach their cat how to surf the internet, not entirely sure how successful it’s going but hey a rating is a rating is a rating, right?

So today I decided I’m going to talk about goals. You know following the idea of a serious blog and err giving life lessons to all that need it, konichiwa bitches, ect..!

Since I arrived in Cape Town there were two things I wanted to achieve, one to learn how to surf and two to get transport down so I can experience all that CT has to offer. In terms of the surfing, I was graciously given one lesson from a family friend and from there I haven’t been able to do anything else, since money is minimal and well I can’t afford a new board. So if any of you surfing internet gods see this and have a board of any shape, with the size of about 6 ft 7, that floats, I’d really appreciate it! As for the transport I’ve made much more progress in that regard. I should have my car down in a week and from there watch out readers because the incredibly safe, will not go within 10 meters of another car’s rear driver, will be back on the roads! You’ve been warned…

Why am I telling you all this? Because goals keep me sane while I suspend myself in animation waiting for my real year to start. Goals help you realize that you are here for a reason and that what you do from day-to-day is for a purpose. Goals help people remember that life is tough, but knowing what you want to achieve makes things that much easier. So namaste mutha pluckas and go forth goaling the fuck out of your lives. -life lessons 101, you are welcome!

In other news, now that I have been reunited with my quarter-half and fairly pesky sibling, if your reading this yeah you’ve exceeded your hug quota for the year, we’ve finally been able to go hiking, it has been fantastic. We hiked from Newland’s Forest to Rhodes Memorial, it was 9km’s, yeah I’m pretty badass like that. But more than anything it reminded me of my younger years spent on the farm with the fresh smell of pine and the wonderful coolness a forest gives off with a smidge of humidity, it really was lovely.

Breaking news! I’m practically famous now! Seriously I was in an international advert for what I can only assume was an Austrian sport’s app, due to the directors being Austrian. Well I was an extra and, well, I was told I’m only gonna be a blur, but hey I’ll take it! Yeah, so if you’re reading this, just know I’m a pretty big… blurry deal right now.

And that is all the news I have for you beloved, readers. As soon as I get some transport I shall have some more adventures to share. Peace and love err’body.

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