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A little perspective

It’s been a while dear reader. It seems over the last few weeks my mind has been stirring, bubbling, perhaps steaming, on a gentle pot of blackened contemplation. It has been lonely dear reader, but in my solitude, I have found some new perspective.

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things in the past few days and I have decided my goal is to test the cliche. By this, I mean experience what we read on the internet. What we see on Pinterest and marvel at through Instagram. I want to test the idea of discovery, viewed from a cliched construct, a background forged on the basis of optimism and enlightenment.

I’m in a stasis of memory, meandering through a web of life surrounded by walls of the mundane. Yet I feel like I’m growing, not in the spiritual sense but in a mental idea of adulthood. A send-off to my earlier realizations of reality, the life of being an adult. I write this now not, unfortunately, for you dear, reader but instead for me. I learn from where I have come. I see now that the happiness I believed so strongly from before, that was not found through material gain is partially correct but overall lacked focus. I’m still looking for that happiness, but I’m doing it with a new perspective, the cliched idea of belief.

I believe that I must lose to gain because I am lost with myself, and to be honest, I intimidate myself sometimes, not in the idea of being overwhelming but in the ignorance, I find in knowing who I am as a person. I need to cliche my understanding, look for who I am and discover what it is I enjoy and how conscious I am of the things I do. Solitude is only as corrosive as you allow it to be, sure I’ve felt a bit down, but emotions are there for a reason. All I need to do is see who it is I am and from there, well who knows, but I can say this at least, from there I’ll know it’s me, conscious, in control and independent in my own right.


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