Oops here we go again

Lighthearted note today, lets see if we can portray the scene accurately.


Pressure, tingling through my core.

I shake, reaction instantaneous, my head darts to the door.


Blood suffused in my veins, dashes for my face.

Oh God not again! Especially in this place!


Fingers clenched, gripped tight around my desk.

Pressure building, hold on, this is just a test!


My vision starts become tunneled.

My shaking body inevitably becoming a funnel…


Please no!


Don’t let this happen!


Please let it stop!

My body ignores me, heedless of my cries just waiting to pop!


I breathe out slowly thinking its over.

My luck holding out like a four leaf clover!


‘Oh thank heavens,’ I exclaim!

As a single pure note, rips through my scarlet shame.


On it goes, never to stop.

My life’s over as it ends with but a single pop!





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