Bonds of the heart

Be mine? Run, run, run, run, running through it…


Start, applause, appease?


Sifting through the memories of bonds never unbroken.


Stop, think, dream?


Faster, faster, faster, faster it goes!


Spinning now, around and around spinning through the effortless breaths of golden sunlight.


Open, warmth, blossom?


Ahh, taste it on your lips, loves sweet melody.


Never-ending, undying, emotional bliss?


Thinking of the future, wondering the unimagined, the joyous laughing wonder!


Doubt, ebbing fleetingless, worry?


What can I do? Was it me or was it you? Hold on till the last petal falls…


Tenacity, hopelessness, nothing?


Slowly it comes, a whisper of a shadow, till the storm finally breaks!


Pain, Unimaginable, Hurt, Please?


Does it end, will it never be over. Oh please! ebbing away into loneliness…


Thought, remembrance, reflection?


Circling through the stages of love never forgotten, held together through the bonds of the heart.

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