General musings

Been a decent amount of time since I last typed. Been relatively busy, reading mostly if I’m to be honest. Also watching anime, which I must say has been quite a highlight. Something about Japanese stories captivate me, even if their mecha are poorly done. Still baffles me why they change the drawing style from main view to mech view? If they just kept the mechs the way the characters were drawn, it would be so much better!

Still, I must say Guilty Crown is turning out to be quite a series. The way the protagonist feels underwhelmed and almost inferior at times strikes a chord with me. But, I must say the other anime Ao no Exorcist is just outright awesome. I have got to give it to the Japanese, when they go for a story that some could consider blasphemous, they certainly go for it.

The humor had me rolling around in stitches, and the main character Rin is just poor badass. Still, not all my musings have been messing around, although I disagree, every book and anime I watch does give me new ideas for my own book.

Like the other day I was looking at the adverts on the side of the anime website, and a small picture of what looked almost like that flying dog from never-ending story was there.

-Note to self create character design for Bane from above said image-

I digress. I’ve also done some studying and made a reasonable amount of progress. I’m still gonna need a tutor I think, but at least I’m making headway and starting to remember matric work. Though I must say, I don’t know how I found the stuff I did in matric hard. Given enough time, like I have now, it seems really easy. I hate how we are confined to time restraints for learning. Given enough time anyone could figure out most things. Still I suppose we wouldn’t be classified as intelligent if we took so long. I suppose that’s how people distinguish each other in academics, by the time in which it takes them to understand or learn a new concept or idea.

I’m rambling again, but I still believe we measure intelligence at school level in the wrong way. We aren’t given enough areas to be good at. Some people just aren’t meant for conventional methods of topics or specific learning types. Still I suppose the majority overrules the minority.

As for the books I read: Inheritance was wholly disappointing! After so many years waiting for it to be published he writes that garbage. Probably being a bit critical, but I guess I’ve been an avid fan for so long, seeing his final work in the series become that, just disappoints me. As a fellow writer and fan as well, his beginning wasn’t to bad, it had flaws like everything, but after a while I really started to get excited, having moments of exclamations and wondrous disbelief, when the plot really started to unfold. Then when it finally got to that point where the true secrets were revealed, it was unimaginative, and completely dismal. He never brought something new to the concept, it was always there, just brought in a new way. If he had come up with something we’ve never seen before, then maybe it would have had a chance, but it just never reached that level. It always got close and then just dropped.

As for the ending, it was horrific. It was dragged out, made to seem important because of the introduction of the main plot of the story -the final dragon- which had about 50 pages worth of it in the whole book. And the fact that he never got the girl, but that her duty had to make her stay behind, what a let down!!!

If there’s one thing Paolini needs to learn, is how to write a compelling love subplot. I’ll give it to him, his past experiences probably made him understand how going after a woman can be highly embarrassing and foolish at times especially if she is older. And I was blushing when the protagonist made his moves and was rejected, but after that he seemed stuck not knowing how to write from there. Even if it was a doomed relationship, it just seemed forced. Out of the whole book that’s my biggest complaint.

Still, he did in the end answer most of the unanswered questions, even if they didn’t live up to the standard, I have come to expect from Mr Paolini. As for the other book I read: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson, it was terrific! He is vastly becoming my favorite author and his stories don’t even have Dragons in them! I loved the way his characters were so real, each with their own backgrounds and how they were suppressed by the empire. He seems to be able to find the balance between too real, such as rape and murder which isn’t very fun to read in a fantasy book, and not completely standard where the hero gets the girl and beats the villain. Which I believe is extremely difficult to find a balance in. And this is what makes him an extraordinary writer, at least for me anyway.

I love the way he gives his characters super natural abilities from burning metals. The idea was so original, and yet not so foreign it becomes hard to follow. His other series The way of the kings was brilliant, and I cant wait to get my hands on the well of ascension, his second book of the mistborn series! As for now that is about it… Oh except for one more thing my date tomorrow! Best news for last! This new girl -no names- keeping things anonymous, is so crazy intelligent, its awesome. I really cant stand ignorance… And shes witty and quirky and loves dogs, I hope it turns out well, anyways until next time.


General musingsings OUT!!!

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