Musical whispers eating through the pain of my ear

Whispering musings fill my ear.

They speak of the pain i fear.


Day after day i seek her existence.

Even when found all i get is resistance.


Found but never lost.

Known she’s been, almost within my grasp.


Sought after, Fought after, Court after,


Never to be, just for me.


Even in pains of dying laughter.


So now i sit and stare,

As her world passes me by tear by tear.


The pain i feel is but an ebbing memory.

Never to die always a constant enemy.


So i hurt, more than i care to feel.

Ever seeking something to shield me from this knifes piercing steel.


And through the pain of my ear

So do i hear.


The musical whisperings of kings

Always bellowing words that take away the sting


Their sound sinks into me,

Constantly chanting their chorus, use somebody…


And i forget, i forget my pain my hurt if for a while.

Never diminished not by a mile.


Yet always shall there musical whisperings eat my ear.

And so shall i breathe once more, no pain, no hurt, no fear….

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