This is a personal note, so I don’t forget. Been thinking of the way in which I write and realized I need to tweak things, if I am to improve myself and my ability to write, to evolve if you will. In terms of this idea, I intend to do it in two ways, first I need to start reading alternative forms of the genre I read, currently I read very similar character sketches. I need to view more realistic ideas of characters, in this I won’t change the feel I want my own novel to have, but will rather shape the chapters into more, distinct and connective characters, as a whole.


In terms of books I intend to read, I believe I will start with Neil Gaiman and continue onto Stephen Donaldson’s Thomas convenient series, both hoping to see how they elucidate their characters, as well as how they interweave their narrative with their characters. In terms of my novel, I need to map my characters out more, not just list their character traits but also determine what drives them into what type of people they are. In that I need to give certain characters more script time, to create further emotional attachments, truly experience why it feels the way it is. I must not just give a flat ideas, but rather a depth perceived from emotion and character, giving the kind of characters that are charming and believable, but never allow the viewer to doubt why it is that they do the things they do. Outline the scenarios the characters find themselves in and what needs to be expressed to emphasize the undertones. Draw on own experiences for that, as well as elaborate on the mindset of the character. Make them believable and realistic, not so similar to the ideal of the story. Rather tell the story through the characters, stream of consciousness, not through the story. The character dictates the story, the story does not dictate the character.


“Perfection is a lot of small things done well”, “keep it simple” Marco Pierre White.

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