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Princess of the fallen stars

Whispers spoke of a girl so bright,
she shone away the darkness in the night.
Her hair glowed silver, like the breath of a cold winter’s eve
and her face a beauty very few could even perceive.
For her wonder lay not in her appearance
But in her laugh, her smile, her endless perseverance.

And when the darkness came to its peak
so did the princess soundlessly fall asleep.
For the princess, it was said, was made of stars
and it was on that day, that she fell, that she left the sky a scar.

Stardust glistened in ashen grace,
and the princess continued to slumber, not even a whisper passed her tranquil face.
But the darkness grew and it sought dominion
and the sky quailed in teared vermillion.

It was then that the stars cried out one by one,
as their essence died out, they were gone.

A tear floated away from the princess that day.
Her friends, the stars, were no more,
And so she cried, she cried and cried until she was sore.

But darkness cannot exist without light
For shadow is born within alabaster white.

And so the princess found something from her hurt,
A feeling, a steel that she could not avert.

And then she awoke,
her eyes a sight that a loss did bespoke.
But fear held her no more,
and the princess began to shine, like before.

She spoke of loss and pain,
but in the end she held onto hope.
The darkness felt her light
And for the first time it feared her sight.

And so the princess of the stars and the darkness did clash
Shadow fought light in an endless crash.
It seemed however that the darkness would win
Smiling it did, its face a twisted grin.

The princess cried out, but felt no pain,
And the darkness bewildered, tried again.
But the princess shone, standing her ground,
and the darkness raged in its shadowed shroud.

For the princess had learned of pain,
And the darkness could never hurt her again.
Her hair that had once shone silver white,
Now glowed with the sun’s glorious light

For she was the princess of the sky
And darkness, well, all darkness could do was sigh.

For the princess had found friends of worth, friends that were endless,
And the day which she shone like the sun, well that was the day that she left the sky breathless.

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