Holiday Holisticism (Yeah i made that word up, sue me)….

Been a while, may as well update my personal calender of doingness:


1. Finished exams (Yay me), and none to soon either, now lets just pray i passed. As my parents seemed to have erm “misplaced” my tuition funds and the likelihood of my marks being view-able is about as likely as the word Giganticmornaphoarachnapeachness being an actual word describing the enormous fear of people who believe spiders actually are born in peaches… Which in all likelihood is pretty likely (haha) maybe not so much… Anyway lets hope they went alright for mine and my imo friend (imaginary friend for grownups that could possibly be emo i still haven’t decided yet)….


2. Had my phone, wallet, student, card and identification of myself according to society, stolen from me. Reflecting on this was both rationally inadequate and yet despondently enlightening. I realized that worth and self-worth of a person is registered by a mere card and small booklet entailing merely a number and for me personally a terrible photo of the abridged person. It made me realize that to us society for most is merely viewed as two pieces of documentation our I.D. and Drivers license that an individual with dreams, aspirations and accomplishments is shown and watered down to be merely a face with their name surname and date of birth representing who they are. I find the idea irritating and frankly isolating that we can be cut from our humanity so easily and so methodically it gives me chills at the icy underlying holisticism of the idea of man being detached from his humanity. I feel as if through one small booklet i am being judged for the person i am and the things that i have done so far. How one book can encumber someone to the extent of self doubt and mortification. Perhaps i am being over-dramatic but i feel as if humanism should entail not what you have done, but who we are as people. The fact is i may not be a person of note or even known on more than a community level but my dreams, my aspirations even my abilities to go about in a distinct and efficient way of life on a day to day basis, to me distinguishes me above the rest of my peers. Maybe not in the eyes of society but in the renown that is my own, in the idea that i am proud of what i can do and what i have done.


3. Finally my thoughts dwelt upon materialism and the confines to which we live our lives. I found that the idea of having no phone marred by the fact that insurance should cover it, which could be ascribed to an under-lying facet of my lack of discomfort, formed the idea of worth of something verse the belief of importance and consequence within my life. I found myself thinking does not having a phone really matter does in fact does having most things in life matter? A great paraphrased quote from “Fight Club” goes along the lines that we as human beings slave all day in a job we hate, to buy things we don’t need, to impress people that don’t even care and that we don’t care for ourselves. This concept ran through my mind when i measured what my level of importance of what exactly should be precious to something not based upon monetarily value to which corporations ascribe worth to based upon work done by people to “ease” other peoples lives. Everything we own from our televisions to our laptops (the irony being i’m using that right now, disproving my point) is that we don’t need these things, we never did. I found that these things to me never really mattered, it frees me for a time from the shackles of socialistic conventions of replying to messages that aren’t in the long run important, of conversations games and time consuming numbness that we as humans live our world’s in. From one message of bbm to another bounce of brickbreaker, in the end we are a slave to our own creation and yet the sad part, (without sounding extremely hippie), is that we love every second of everyday we have, using the creations in which we become not people but stories within stories of people we post about to the pictures we tag on Facebook.  

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