Teared vestiges of angel’s dreams


Light upon a vast darkness lent through angel’s wings.


Tears of light torn down upon clouds with halo’s worn by kings.


Soaring through the distance upon glanced and broken dreams.


So now do we scream of the darkness seen upon destiny’s metered fiends.


Trembling through the soft tears of vestiges left in lateness.


Long do they yearn for humanity to break out in unmeasured, blissful, greatness.


Crying out in mournful bliss on heavens gates of angels.


Seeping through the beliefs of men, rocking soundly in their mangers.


So now they do ask of dreams long forgotten.


In prayers of yearning and not, simply rotten.


Bask now in the light of wings strewn upon the darkness.


Forever branded angels in their glory, in their starkness.







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