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I dream a dream.

In dreams I wander finding the you I trust. I see you standing, a mist in clouded droplets of love. Don’t cry my dear, you are with me. My heart yearns blonde whispers of an afterimage clouded in an amber hue forever presented, represented in tandem with the hour glass.

time time time

Tic tock tick tock we go,

Falling down the ladder of life, tumbling along amongst the dust particles of stars,
Minuscule and dispersed,

Bumbling into each other,
Destruction and beauty side by side, we hold all the keys.

We are the judges, the victims, the jurors, the prisoners of ourselves and our futures.

Do you hear it? It calls…
The dream of tomorrow, lucid and alive, missed through insomniac fervors.

Ah yes we are adults.
Life can not be so simple can it?

But I can smell her hair. She glows in my mind’s eye. I can feel her heart beat, her heat, her breath fading on my tongue slowly lingering ever so slightly, like that final nibble of the good chocolate I buy on my lone days as it rains outside.

Do you amble at midnight howling to the moon?
Do you cry with emotion?
Are you aware you’re alive?

Sometimes I ask myself these things in my sleep, forgotten in the morn.
But still it’s important I do, because no one else does?

I wait for the questions I wonder myself, uttered from non-existent interactions padded through a life I dream of where I’ve lived, loved and known the echoes of paths I never took.

I ponder on the change I experience and the lives I’ve lived before, after and in-between.
Am I happy in all of them?
Do I ask myself the same things?
Did I take a right instead of a left?
Does it matter?

Do you ever worry about what is, compared to what could have been?
Do they?

But I’ll wake up, won’t I?
Or perhaps I already am awake?
Living the life of a dream I can’t remember.

Do you dream? Do you wake?
I dream a dream.
Tick tock, Tick tock.

Salt Water by Gretlusky
Ebbing bubbles, I dream awake.

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