The Long Game

George RR Martin’s name has been popping up everywhere on the internet recently. He seems to be everywhere I look. There has also been a lot of questions surrounding his unfinished books and how people are concerned he won’t be able to finish his epic fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Being a fan myself, I’ve been reflecting on different authors and how every author takes different spans of time to both write, as well as publish their stories, and honestly, I take heart in these differences.

As fans it’s easy to complain and whinge. I’d say its almost second nature to most of us when their favorite authors take a long time to complete their stories in a series of novels, bemoaning that doing other things is sacrilegious and that having a “life” is unacceptable.

I guess in it’s own way it shows how powerful stories can be though -ala Tyrion reference-. It shows how we as people live for stories. We love to live in the lives of the rich and the poor, the sad and the greedy, and everything between and outside of those things. At 70 years old Martin’s last book came out nine years ago and his next is rumored to only be coming out next year. Most people grunt and whine, and grind their teeth at the length of time between these two books, but this in itself actually gives me hope.

It makes me happy to know that even at 70 someone can be publishing books, and that its possible even at their age to be able to take 9 years to write their next book. I constantly berate myself for not writing or taking the time to dive into a novel I one day hope to complete. But seeing famous authors, people who have been writing for more than half their lives, being able to take their time gives me hope. It shows me that everyone works at their own pace and that stories are powerful, for both the author, and the reader. I hope that one day I have fans that lose their “shit” for my stories. It would mean the world to me. And while I’m sure the pressure is immense, it also means that the stories I will have told will have touched and meant something to people besides myself.

So here’s to the authors that take their time. Here’s to the uncompleted stories. The unfinished drafts, and the taking time out writers who need a “life”. I salute you and your endeavors. I take inspiration from you reminding me that to create is not a quick thing, its long and arduous and it takes time and patience. I hope one day I will be able to tell stories that people can read and take something away from. I hope one day my stories make you smile and laugh, cry and whinge, but most of all, I hope I can finish my stories one day, because good things take time

and I’m in this for the long game.

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