‘I guess we’re stuck here again today,’ said the moss to its wall, as it overlooked the water running down it’s drain pipe. ‘It could be worse I suppose, it hasn’t rained in a while and the sun’s out today right Mr. Wall?’

No response.

‘You can hear me can’t you, Mr. Wall? You’re not like everyone else right?’


‘It’s me your friend Mossy, we’ve known each other forever. You know, Mr. Wall and his best friend Mossy, taking on the seasons as we watch time pass us by?’

‘What’s that? You’re tired? Me too, Mr. Wall me too. But you know it’s not so bad. We could be alive I guess. You know, like we could be doing things. Like making decisions, or going for walks, maybe even using the bathroom. Can you imagine? THE BATHROOM EW.’


“We have it easy the way I see it Mr. Wall. We’re just stuck here, you and me. Watching the water run by. Waiting for the sun and the rain. What a life, am I right Mr. Wall? What a time to be alive.’

More Silence.

But you know, Mr. Wall. I wish we had someone to talk to from time to time. Don’t get me wrong. You more than make up for any of the other friends I have. Well, I mean you’re kind of my only friend. But we chat all the time. Like that one time I told you about how lucky we are to be stuck together. Oh, I guess that was just now huh? You can hear me… right Mr. Wall? I’m not… It’s not just me right…?

‘I’m… I’m not alone?’

Resounding silence.

‘Ha, ha ha, good one.’

‘I guess… I guess we’re stuck here again today,’

‘But you know, it could be worse Mr. Wall.’

We could be…. alive.

Image by (mikeSF_)

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