A thought came to me the other day, of how each person we see and meet gives off a distinct perception of themselves and how the more people we meet over time the more these instances of similarity seem to grow. I think it’s not even their looks or appearance in any way it’s more how they portray themselves, how they react and show themselves to me that gives this impression. I think vibes is a bit hippy but there’s some truth in that word, an idea that each person can give off a certain vibe.

I say this because while training yesterday, I saw a girl smiling while kicking a bag and laughing when she made a mistake. It reminded me of a girl I knew back in my country, the same concentrated frown on her forehead, the same carefreeness, intermingled with a strong desire to try as hard as she could and an idea came to me about how each person gives off these different emotionally distinct connections. So I thought for my note to you dear Laury, would be me trying to remember the perception you gave me:

Different, essence of lust, ethereal and smoky unable to grasp but somehow transparent, translucent in its glow, and you know? That’s sad. Beautiful, rich and exotic with bitten ruby lips, that darkness of knowing in those collectedly free eyes. But you know. It’s never too late to learn. Crookedly quirky, quivering lip to the side, ah there you are, sunny. No radiant. Teeth gleaming in an upward sunrise,

hold that moment

at the edge of laughter,

the beginning of a smile.

I breathe the future in distant thoughts.

So show me.

Show me your freedom, show me your soul in its chaotic calmness, show me what you want to teach, take from me what you will and show me how you grow that’s what we shall learn, the good and the bad, the borderline grey of philosophical constructs and creative wanderings. Show me what I don’t know and leave me only mystery, so I never want to stop learning more of you, show me past my desires and into your depths, show me who you really are, show me who you are Lauren,

Show me you.

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