Something pretty


Creased against my mind your breath furrows my thoughts, gently easing my opaque wanderings with your soft brush.

Strewn across my existence you have lavished my memories with coloured seams, ebbing away into muddied water.

Cordierite bubbles, buoyant in their exuberance,

fierce, yet,


A back drop of starry air, glistening in importance and frivolity.

Gasping, submerged along the echoes of childhood melancholy wafts melodiously through,


Muddied water drips, marred by impetuous passion.

Umbriel, sequential,

darkness, pure unadulterated, eased, slowly exhaled amidst an overture of my beginning.

Kaleidoscopic blossoms stretched across lightly indented footprints,

my path,

to you.

Sheltered under the storm, rainbow petals flurry aloft.

Their we swirl at the edge of the darkness and light, against the backdrop of memory and the transparency of our dreams.

Intertwined? Ugly? Exquisite?

Perhaps merely Pretty?




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