The rhythm of words

So it’s been a while since I last posted anything. Been busy with uni and exams… What can you do? Anyways today i thought I would post something thats intrigued me for a while. I was in a terrible mood this morning and then my phone which i thought was broken, fixed itself yay!! So i decided to make a lovely facebook status to uplift everyone spirits.


It went something like this, “Upon that moment where sun flakes shimmer on butterflies wings.Where all the world will forever sing. So will you find me on moon’s glimmering rise and never will I forget your soft, gentle goodbye.”


This product of my insanity, driven through my creative being, propelled by a mixture of Japanese anime, general Hollywood movies and collection of Brandon Sanderson’s masterpieces to name a few. Made me realize how the more the words out there, or the bigger leap it takes for people to see, not only with there ears but also with their imagination, the greater the effect they can hold.


I find when creating something, I like to test the imagery you can have through expression. We can say something is blue cause it is blue, but why not embellish it? Make people question how blue something really is? I read Dickens the other day and comparing the rewritten work of his book, A tale of two cities, you come to truly realize how emotive and descriptive past authors used to be. In a time where a novel was unfathomable Dickens gave people something solid to picture over a course of a few hundred pages… I don’t doubt it was effective back in the day and even now one of the greatest fantasy trilogies ever created, some would even say the greatest, the Lord of the Rings, is filled with page of description after description. These descriptions evoke emotive understanding that surpasses the realm of mere reality and while Society may be living in a Spectacle. We still need an escape from the reality of the reality. Books for me do that and even writing this now takes my mind off other things and centers me around very simple yet elegant ideas of expressions and phrases dying to be put to life with a mere thought of creativity.


This expressive understanding between my imagination and my mind is what I call the rhythm of words. It is that place where my mind and imagination come together to both measure the engrossiveness of my creation as well as the beat in which it holds. People call writing poetry hard but for me even without pouring hours over something, I can read the rhythm and the beat without effort. It has never been hard for me to see the flow of words. Here and there, there can be slip ups but really in the end its a pattern. Writing has never to me been about technicalities, it is about becoming free from the clouded measures of a fogged up brain. If we just let go and write how we feel instead of how we think, maybe we could start to truly see who we are.


And so i soared upon heavens fiery rise, to places unfathomable where one could never hope to glide. And through my vision did i chance to see, an ember of radiance floating away in blissful harmony. Burning flakes of a dream long forgotten, to the moon of dreams with moonlight as soft as cotton. Winged upon a world of two, forever known by only a few. Escape i did to this world barely known… Ahh at last i can sleep between this world peacefully alone.

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