Scattered across the darkness of night given form through starring light. Flickering glimmers so far away shining through me here to stay, deepness echoed through hearts of bonds, lighted means in centered fond, so speak not of broken dreams but of far away lights bonded by the seams.

Hope passes through the beauty of life given form through fear and strife, bleak sounds in the twilight night, ethereal shadows give me not fright, so on do I fight each passing day no order not here nor there to stay.

Darkness bleeds through nights despair on do I ponder given fear to wear. Cloaked by darkness knowing only fear so do I seek lights gentle tear.

Bonds do hold me tight to bare do not let me fold not once not there! So do I seek the light to hold for once I yearn do so do I now bold. Given strength through light given by heart never shall I doubt the majesty of the stars…

Engraving depicting the exceptional 1833 “meteor storm” of the Leonid Meteor Shower.

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