The beginning of the journey

First blog or diary for myself, I think. Never done it before, can write anything! ANYTHING, and yet I find myself, rather hmm, pensive. Ahh well, I suppose its being excited to express my own thoughts for once without being critiqued.

So begins a journey, where it will end up? Who will read it? who knows? I certainly hold no belief that it will be well known, even read once at all. All I know is that this is my space to really be who I want to be, anything, anyone. I am but a typist, texting upon data unbeknownst to people, yet still I have dreams and beliefs. Aren’t we all so? We all have dreams and ambitions. Many of us won’t reach these expectations, yet I have no fear. I fear not the destination, for in truth I’m rather looking forward to the journey. In life its never been about the destination. If we think about it, we’re all destined to die, morbid perhaps, but ya know, I don’t really mind if my journey is full of meaning. I suppose the real question in the end is what meaning are we looking for, love, joy, sadness, tears, perhaps even enlightenment?

Who knows, in the end we all find meaning, conscious or not. So here I start my journey to find meaning. To just live, type and reflect upon all the musings, happenings of the eternal conundrum denounced by my favorite word at the moment meh! Will I change the world? I use to think I could. I doubt myself among the greats but then who are the greats? People who make a difference? Or people who are well known? Fame is but an illusion. I do not deny that those who are well known may change many things but what really is changing the world? For good or for bad? Are we so arrogant to see ahead to know some things will make a difference? I guess in the end we all change the world, whether it be with just ourselves or with the people around us.

Who knows what changing the world is? All i know is that I would like to “Change the world” not for others, but for myself. This is perhaps an egotistical thing but in truth people rarely rely upon themselves. I shall seek to find solace within myself and in turn show those who are begrudged of that simple thing: understanding, to cope with the good, the bad, and the world. The world itself is hard. In the end, who do we have but our own selves? Within ourselves are our thoughts, desires, dreams, in those do we find solace? So in the end, reaching for that dream is not about the destination, its about the journey. Shall I find solace within that? Who knows? In the end I shall try.

In the end…

But for now, my journey has just begun.

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