Undetermined, undermined, inexcusable, obnoxia driven through irreverent misconceptions of inexplicable detriment. Spoken aloud through misplaced idiosyncrasies of people too inept of empathy and understanding. Shout for the injustice of non-committed promises and indistinguishable lies! Driven by the mouths of those who speak before thought. Whose misplaced intelligence is brought through stereotypical genre’s, the bread and butter of modern day society. Feast upon the unintelligible comments and disillusioned neuroses of people too impudent to realize the difference between irrelevance and irreverence.

Desolation to a world where money seeks power, and where power is the revolution of the fortunate. Fortune favor the fool who believes himself to be above the under-classed, under-privileged majority. Pity their misfortunes, of which fools in power care not about. For greed spreads discord in more ways than seen through the mirrored eyes of non-believers in oblivious discreetment of fools wrapped around their own inadequacies.
Discreetment?Excrement! against conformists who follow through desperation on which we base our lives safe from the wolves of the dark to which we fear, never knowing the greater fear bred through the arrogance of perfection.

We always want, want, want and never give thought to the darkness surrounding us through clenched fists. Fear? Fear life. For we breed ignorance through distinguished understanding of nothingness. Fear? Seek not perfection, fear is perfection held bereft of those who try to attain a goal desired by all through never-ending notions of completion. Never beholden to the fact that they are left behind by the modern placed trends of our time.

Perfection is never attained. Why? Because we are what we fear, inadequate, to perfection! commonly known as homo sapiens. brought about by our own destruction. nay our desire for a dream unobtainable in miscommunicated disconduct.

Dis? prefix for words sought by new wave irreverence to show all people how hatred can, and is brought about through scandalous laughter upon the injustices of victims destructively distraught determinedly desolate and thrown down into the pit of oblivion to rest upon scarlet embarrassment of shame brought about by the conformity of the ignorant.

Ahhhhhh the smell of death in seemingly fortuitous, fortitude and chivalrous exclamations,


Long live social conformity

and arrogance of greed, through

pompous, pricks bereft of intellect.

Long live undying, undenying blissful irreverence.

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