The Secret Life

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty ~ Broken Beanie

It’s kind of amazing the commonality writers have between each other in subject matter and the repetition I see going through not only my own posts and writings but other blogs, written pieces and most musings I find these days on the internet and social media.

There’s this idea of melancholy, of writer’s bemoaning their existence to the sky in anguish at our own existence! And I get it, here you are scrolling through your feed perhaps bored, perhaps just clicking on things that catch your eye? Why should you have to read another post on feelings… Ugh… But take a moment to remember not everything made on the internet is meant to be consumed.

Much like life, a lot of the things on the internet are meant to be cherished, thrown away, eaten, smelled, laughed at, and sometimes don’t have a purpose they just are?

Are you lost yet? Good. That’s where most people start.

The thing is a lot of the writing we consume have these common recurrences because we as writers, feel. We feel the things around us. We consume life. We gorge and we gorge and as life is swallowed, it runs down our gullet and is transformed into our experiences on the page. There are days of melancholy, there are days of happiness, of life, love, laughter and more.

But these things are a process. We are slowly allowing ourselves to feel. It’s like a sunflower searching for the sun. Slow and methodical, following a brightness that can blind, but can also illuminate the things around it.

So dear, Reader don’t consume us. Don’t unwrap our candy filled centers and toss us aside when our flavor isn’t to your liking.

Instead consume life, empty your mind and delight in the flavors of the world around you,

We are what we make.

So savor the world.

And remember the next time you pass that melancholic post of a friend struggling through a tough time, that what they are producing is a process, and perhaps it isn’t a flavor to your liking, but it’s still food.

Food, made from living life.

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