An Adventure

I haven’t written in a very long time on this blog, but I decided it’s time to get back to the “grind” as it were and in good faith I have revamped my entire blog, Dave, as it shall now be referred to, and have even given the blog itself a new domain address, FANCY! 

The reason for all this is to change up my blog from being a work of purely literature writing, too a combination of travel, food and my general impressions of each as I do new things and visit new places. I hope to keep you scant few readers who probably have barely ever read or visited this blog up-to-date with the new adventures I’m embarking on in my life.

Regardless of Dave’s views, I’m still going to be using this as a travel journal for myself and as such it may be nonsensical and boring so feel free to drop it at a hats notice, I’m sure Dave will understand. Anyhoo, fanciful musing over and I hope this has allowed everyone not to open up my blog with the words Fuck Behaving right off the bat, because unfortunately I’m not that much of a bad-ass I’d rather ease you into Dave.

Crap that didn’t come out right, until next time, dear reader.

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