A forgotten tribute, in a shrugging, shouldered world.

A tribute to an idea is an interesting thing. For most tributes contain gratitude and good tidings for people.Tributes often say good bye to people, there’s a sadness in that i think, but in an idea tributes are glimmers.

The sparkle, they shine, but they are also finite. A tribute is energy thrown into an unwinding existence of fate and free will that wriggles between the gaps of our lives, our dreams, our hopes, and in my case, friends.

I tribute moments to my friends. I use my, simply for the power one can feel in being able to name ourselves. Don’t you agree, oh reader? For it is you I address. Are you not for this infinitesimal moment my friend?

Because who can say what a friend is to another? Who can judge what one constitutes friendship for? Are we not lonely beings searching for contentment, do some of us not even find ourselves agreeable.

So judge not dear reader for I shall be your friend, and you shall be mine. For my tribute stands above the complacency of nonchalance, of an ineffectual routine of, ‘Hi, good day to you, and may it be a good one at that.’ I’m starting to understand this occurrence of being alone, and it creates pity for are we dear reader not better than this, this ‘small-talk’ of articulated simplicity that is for what it is, as a sake of what it seems, it has to be?  

I only ask dear reader that you accept my tribute, a standing bastion of my own truths, an idea that we are more than the customs we repeat every god damn day, with any god damn person we can find ourselves to repeat it with. So reply reader not with words but with emotions, reply with an understanding of not having to sigh through a, ‘I really couldn’t care less for this conversation right now voice.’

Because if we had but the simple audacity to say no, should we not say that? I wish this on us reader. I wish we had the ability to fight the mundane, to talk with feeling rather than the fear of the ‘go-to’ references.

There is a sadness in the end.  Farewell dear reader and thank you for being my friend.

I say not good bye, instead I would simply ask till we talk again, is that not worth talking about reader, is that not a goal worth achieving? And if so then speak and let it be known, that one day I will make you my friend reader, not with a plain understanding of mutually agreeable concurrences, of how do you do, and good byes, sweet dreams, but of the important things, the things that matter. The why do you smile? What is your happiness? and the rare but exquisitely forgotten will you not gaze at the stars with me?

simply, always, glimmering.

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