The Dumbledore effect

One word, Natsu. I intend to base my protagonist upon an immature, brazen hero featured in fairy tail. For those of you unaware Natsu is a lanky boy who relies on brawn and no brain to defeat his opponents. He is stubborn and characteristically clueless when it comes to girls. He is however a great warrior in the sense that even though he never uses his brains, he always listens to his heart. I find the fact that the ability to achieve something even without intellect through sheer will and heart is connective to an everyday audience which thus provides humor in the sense of stereo typical cliches based upon a desire to fight for the non-sense ideal of honor and integrity. He becomes appealing because people want to believe in a hero that does the right thing when no one else will they laugh at his delusions of grandeur they thrill in his triumphs and gasp at his losses that are few and far between. However the most gripping about a character about that is there resolve heroes are built upon the stereo type that they shall always succeed. I like the fact that it takes immeasurable amount of resolve and determination for him to succeed since nothing comes easy in life, it connects the audience to the fact that we all have to work hard if we want to overcome everyday obstacles and challenges presented in front of us. Also I like the ability to progress as an almost childlike mind into an adult character that becomes maybe not intelligent but wise in his ways who sees a world for more than it appears and is willing to fight for it no matter the cost not ruthless but not afraid to make poniant decisions when the time comes. Also I want a boy who discovers who he is. A story that is about him and the way he makes his way through the world he inhabits if I can achieve that I think the story shall in itself be amazing. Many writers get lost in either there story or just their characters I hope to try and find a balance between stunning visuals that make the story indescribable and characters that when grow and love and die are cared for I want to create a newly coined phrase the Dumbledore effect!! A character so beloved that when his loss became imminent people wept. If I can create that form of wanton need then as a writer I have achieved exactly what I have started out to do.


In this i hope to achieve the Dumbledore effect. 

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