The choices we make

What to talk about? I’m sitting here at this desk staring blankly into the computer screen. My mind far away unforeseen by mere mortal eyes. I drift upon clouds and complexities not even I can comprehend. Almost as if my mind can sub-consciously, work out life’s many mysteries without even consciously thinking it. Arrogance, you say? Arrogance to believe that my mind can solve complexities unfathomable. I disagree, for I may not have the answer for life, but I do believe we have a course, a following. And that we continue to tread upon the path each and every day.

Do not mistake me, we are not trapped to walk this earth on merely one road alone. No! But I do believe once started down a path, it always shall lead to a specific ending. We may stray from the course and find another path, but in the end, the path shall always have an ending point, that is predetermined. Whether we get there, or stray from the path, is really up to us. Free will is a powerful thing. We have been given something so complex and yet so freely used every day. It baffles the most intellectual minds as to its workings. We may spend our life figuring out why and how and what if?

Yet in the end, I still believe us to merely live. We may ask questions, and even if we’re lucky, find answers to those questions. Yet, in the end its the journey, it always has been. When given so many choices, so many options, how do you choose? How do you make the right choice? I do not think there is a right choice in life. We may believe we are destined for a particular path, but if we had to really question the universe, and if we had to really consider free will. I believe we would come to realize that there were many paths that could have been taken. Many paths that are changing and are warping around us. What we choose is exactly that, our choice. We have no predetermined place to be.

Perhaps there are more likely things that will happen in our lives, but that is brought about by defining factors within ourselves. We are free to choose what we want. Some may squander that and allow other external factors to change their minds. Yet in the end the final decision rests with one person that has made, and shall continue to make choices based upon our sense of free will. And that one person is us.

In the end the choices we make determine for us, whether we want to be happy, or not. Sure we will make wrong choices, and sometimes those choices will have terrible repercussions, but we were brought down on this planet to learn, and with our free will so does our ability to learn grow with every decision we make. Every choice we choose effects us, and how we feel about this world we live in. Whether the choice makes us happy, or sad, is completely consequential upon us. And it should be like that. Most people have no cooking clue as to what makes them happy.

There are fleeting moments of happiness, and some even last longer than many would believe possible. Perhaps the pursuit of happiness is not finding things that make you happy, but rather appreciating every thing you have, and every choice you make everyday. And if your one of the few lucky people that do know what makes you happy, and I don’t mean fleeting things such as wealth and beauty we may continue to believe and sometimes even delude ourselves into thinking these things will make us happy, but the truth is, anything that isn’t invested in love or kindness, or even courage, or sweat, or tears is not substantial. We may cry over not getting that big promotion, or even not getting that new house, we always wanted, but those are inconsequential, there are more houses as there are more jobs.

We live in a world where perspective is so hard to come by. Where the things we own, end up owning us. We go around day by day believing in an idea that we have to work, to get money, to buy more stuff and for what? The fanciful notion that this will complete us. If we had real perspective, we would see true things, real things, that can and do make us happy everyday. The things we all take for granted each and every day.

The sky, the sun, air, grass, clouds?

We go over and over and over again, thinking if I just had more of this, or this, my life would be that much better. I think when the day comes and a person can say no, I have everything I need, even if I could get more. Even if I don’t have the most expensive things. Even if I’m poor. Even if I don’t have a house, a car, a washing machine! I have the sky. I have the sun, and I have people I care for. And that’s all I’ll ever need.

When that day comes for you, take a deep breath in. Exhale out. And thank the lucky stars, that we were given the ability to choose, that which makes us happy, and which makes us sad.

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