Dashboard Confessional

Contentment, peppered over by a small dose of charm and sliced up into little melodious pieces. All layered upon each other to achieve that delicate balance between distraction and distinction. Whether I am singing along at the top of my lungs, or preoccupied with writing and listening to this keeps me mellow. It matters not dashboard confessional is a testament to a music that transcends normality. I find myself going back to their music when I’m bored, when I’m sad, or even when I’m lonely. The name has always intrigued me? I know what the two-words are meant to be, and what they each represent. But, put them together and it becomes an almost aloof phrase.

Dashboard confessional, DASHboARD conFESSIONal? Saying the words, makes me try consider them whether grammatically, phonetically or even just their definition. Yet it eludes me. Representing a time, or place, or event, or happening, or even a special object of a particular moment in the time this band’s history or person from that band. I can only conclude what dashboard confessional means to me:

Its that long road ahead, when your body is tired but awake. Where the sun is unrelentingly hot, and it always seems to find the back of your already overheated neck or face. Its the long hours sitting in one place with nothing to do but watch and stare at the nothingness and yet, at the everything that is other people’s lives. It represents that hot, wet, taste and when I say wet, I don’t mean that soft, almost expected cold taste of water, but that hot smooth taste that runs down your mouth when you have nothing but hot bottled H2O to drink. It’s that feeling you have when its nothing but you and the driver next to you for miles. That sense of loneliness you feel when all there is to look at, is but the open fields and the pickings of live stock here and there. Its the ebbing memory of soft clouds floating upon the sky, as you try to make sense of an indiscernible pattern, given perspective by your imagination.

But really what dashboard confessional means to me is simple. Its the brief exchanges between a boy and his father, as they traverse the country from place to place. The topic could be either: interesting or droll, long or short, but regardless it is a boy relishing the lost time between his father and himself. A time before life takes its course, as it does with all of us. So take the time to ponder the aloofness of that which is dashboard confessional. And in the end, make up your own mind on a phrase that stands apart from its counter parts, that intrigues the mind and enthralls the senses.

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